Hello Sure Babe listeners this is episode 42 and my first interview with someone from Bachelor Nation! Woot woot! Today I have Taylor Nolan on the show and we are talking all about recovering from trauma, not giving a $%*T and owning your authentic self. Taylor was a contestant on season 21 of The Bachelor and season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. She had two public breakups and picked herself up from the effects of being misunderstood while being in the public eye.

I hope this episode encourages you to own who you are without fear of rejection because YOU were made to be YOU. 

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Welcome to episode 41 SURE BABE LISTENERS! 

This is a LIVE recording of a speech I did for a locals women's group on positive body image. But oh if you think this is your average talk on positive body image you are wrong. There's been a lot of talk on loving yourself lately but it seems not many people are saying HOW to do that? In this episode I talk all about HOW I've learned to LOVE my body and LIVE in it instead of in my mind. 

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Hi everyone! This is episode 40 and it's special episode with just me, myself and I. In this episode I talk about how got into a funk this morning and then overcame it in 15 minutes with 3 different exercises. 

I hope this helps you get centered in truth and light and love today!

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In this episode #39 I interview mentor, coach, doula and author Jessie Harrold. Jessie is a feminist (not in the bra burning sense) but a women that is truly FOR WOMEN. Jessie helps women own their power and learn to love their role in life, motherhood, and their bodies. She is so freaking empowering and I loved talking with her in this interview. 

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In episode 38 I interview blogger, influencer and online shop owner Mary Lauren. 

We talk all about building a blog and growing and authentic following, learning how to roll with the punches of putting yourself online and also never letting someone make you feel small.

At the end of this interview Mary Lauren told us some exciting news that she was expecting her 3rd baby. In weeks after the recording of this episode she learned she was having a boy and named him Shiloh. At 16 weeks pregnant she and Clay her husband discovered that baby Shiloh had passed away in utero. Mary Lauren has shared this experience on her Instagram @marylauren and I'm so proud of her vulnerability and sharing her grief through miscarriage. 

Please send her love on her Instagram and blog headedsomewhere.com

This episode is dedicated to Shiloh.


Welcome to episode 37 of Sure Babe! In this series Sam and I discuss all the funny ways our premarital class failed us. We realized that we both entered into marriage and relationships having no clue what boundaries were and how to protect ourselves and our marriage by utilizing them. 

We share all about the early years of our marriage and how we learned along the what what our boundaries were and how to use them to create a safe haven in our marriage and family.

I hope this episode encourages you to love yourself and your relationships more. 

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Episode 36 might be my favorite episode of Sure Babe yet! You don't have to be in a relationship to get something out of this episode; whether you are in a relationship or not, you are a human with a hardwired need for attachment. In this episode my husband Sam and I interview relationship expert and Licensed Marriage and Family therapist Figs O'Sullivan. We discuss the core needs we have as humans, how we get wounded and how we carry all this into our relationships. By far the best part of this episode was learning how to find conflict solutions in our relationships and connect more with one another. 

If you want in on all this good stuff Figs is offering "Sure, Babe" listeners 33% off his Conflict Solutions course with the code: SUREBABE.

Click here for more info: https://courses.empathi.com/courses/the-conflict-solution-empathi-exclusive?ref=1b6583

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Chrissy & Sam

Hello and welcome back to another couples episode! This is episode 35 and number 1 in a 3 part series called "How Our Premarital Class Failed Us".

Sam and I frequently joke about how innocent and idealized we were when we were a young couple and how ill equipped we were to be happily married. 

It wasn't until after years of therapy and "doing the work" on ourselves that we discovered how to be in a loving and life-giving marriage. 

In this episode we get real about all the things we wish we knew before getting married. 

Hope you enjoy!

Episode 34 is all about finding your confidence and owning your story! I've talked about my struggle with anxiety here before but this is the first time I shared my story in Canada at a women's empowerment dinner hosted by Viviscal and Toppik. It was an empowering night of breaking barriers and allow women to share their stories of how they've struggled and found confidence. 

My guests on the show today are two inspiring women I met at this event. Iva Grbesic @ivagrbesic and Sandra DiTella @momsmakeupstashtake2. Iva is a Cityline Style Expert, which is one of Canada’s leading national lifestyle shows and Blogger at Falling in Style. Sandra is the Blogger and Content Creator of momsmakeupstash.com and a cancer survivor. These two women bravely share their personal stories on how they not only regained hair confidence but started owning their story and loving themselves. 

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Episode 33 is a nugget of goodness! It's short and sweet and just might change your life. I sit down with Alyssa Blask Campbell and pick her brain all about sleep in children, how it leads to good and bad behavior and how you can sleep train your child even if you cosleep. She is an expert in all things sleep and childhood behavior so it's an honor to share her wisdom on Sure, Babe! 

If you want to learn more about Alyssa head to seedandsew.org or jump right in and take her sleep course use code: CHRISSY10 for 10% off. 

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