Imagine your turning 40, being a busy working mom and having the rug pulled out from under you. That's what happened when Alisa Kennedy Jones when she was diagnosed with epilepsy. This witty and successful writer turned lemons into lemonade and is helping others along the way. In episode 28 Alisa and I chat about life and what to do with it's unexpected turns. Click here to purchase her new book: Gotham Girl Interrupted: My Misadventures of Motherhood, Love, And Epilepsy!

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Hello Sure Babe Listeners! This is episode 27 and the first episode of 2019. Phew sorry for the long pause; I had to take a short break after the holidays but we're BACK and I have to say it feels so good. I love podcasting and I love this community so thank you for listening. 

In this episode I interview the editor of Parents magazine Liz Vaccariello! She dishes out the best advice for Millennial parents and shares her story about working motherhood and how she gave herself permission to not feel "mom guilt". You can follow Liz on Instagram @lizvaccariello and check out Parents Magazine HERE

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This is episode 26! Let me introduce you to the dynamic and super informational Michelle Knight. Michelle is a branding and business coach who specializes in helping women live a life of freedom and take action toward their dreams. 

Michelle and I talk all about the power of storytelling and how to incorporate it into you business as well as how to grow an authentic long-lasting brand. 

You can find out more about Michelle on her website or follow her on Instagram @brandmerrycoaching.

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Welcome back this is episode 25 of Sure Babe. I have heard your cries for more parenting advice so I happy to have Wendy Snyder positive parenting coach back on the podcast! In this episode we talk all about how to have empathy for your children when they go through challenging transitions like sibling dethronement and how to manage sibling rivalry. Wendy is an expert in positive parenting and dishes out so many tools to help you parent from a place of strength and connection with your child. 

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Happy Thanksgiving and Thank you for listening!

Hello Sure Babe Listeners! This is episode 24. In this episode Sam and Chrissy talk all about intimacy in a long term relationship and they don’t hold back on talking about what it’s really like to keep your flame alive after you have children.

"We believe intimacy starts way before the bedroom so stay tuned to hear our thoughts on this topic and also for our answers to your questions at the end." 

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Hello Sure Babe listeners! This is episode 23 and our second "couples" podcast. Sam and I get real candid about the early years of our marriage and how we failed pretty epically at being married. We discuss what we did to help us through those hard years and how we created a safe haven in our marriage. If you're a Patreon of Sure Babe send us your questions at and we will send you a personalized video response!

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Hello! Welcome to episode 22 of Sure Babe. In this episode I sit down with my photographer, business patner and BFF Meghan Brandlund. We answer listeners questions about pursing your passions, social media, photography and beng a working entrepreneurial mom. 

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Hello everyone! We are back and this is episode 21. I took a short break to have a baby, Ruby Jean Powers was born on July 24th and she is the completion of our family. I've also been working hard on wrapping up my first ecourse "Finding Your Voice: Making Your Passions Profitable". It's been a labor of love; I feel like I'm giving birth to a 4th baby! I truly believe this ecourse will change lives. Click here to sign up for earlybird pricing and tons of freebies. 

This is my first marital/parenting episode with my husband Sam. You get to meet him in this episode and hear an update on where we're at in life, how we're mananging parenting whoas and a recap of Ruby's birth! 

Send us your relationship questions and topics you'd like to hear us talk about...we're gonna get real so nothing is off the table!

Welcome to episode 20 where I chat with my ecourse producer Tiffany Berkowtiz of

We discuss how and why we partnered together to create a new kind of ecourse that will hopefully be helpful for your buisness and your soul! I'm so excited to get this course into production for you and I pretty dang proud and shocked I managed to film while 9 months pregnant. 

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In episdoe 19 on Sure Babe, my brother/mentor Josh Storrer and I dive into the topic of desire, specifically what happens when we follow our good desires. Josh is a licensend marriage and family therapist, life coach, business owner, and father of three. He has a lot of insight on the subject of desire and creating good things. 

I believe when we follow our God-given desires we come alive more; essentially we become more of who we are meant to be when we listen to the things that pull at our heart and attention. 

I hope this episode helps you on your own path toward becoming more of who you are meant to be. 

Click hereto download the"Good Creator Worksheet"and "The Turning Your What into Your Why"worksheet to help you uncover more about your desires as well as teach children how to create good.

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